La Castagère is surrounded by gardens:

In front of the house, pines and fir trees dominate, while at their feet hornbeams, rhododendron and palm laurel bushes provide wonderful hiding places for children to play.

The back garden where a majestic magnolia sits, plays with the apple trees and squares of white roses. The terrace allows you to enjoy it on sunny days.

Past the arch connecting the garage to the rear garden, the box garden is home to a fig tree which, if you come in season, will be generous.

But it is from the gate, behind the chestnut trees which stand guard, that our charming little chapel is hidden among the hydrangeas. The previous owner, a long-time general practitioner in Comines, had it built and furnished it with liturgical objects offered by his patients. However, it seems to have been there forever and delights passers-by.